Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On Monday

 A nice door at Poli Moda (a fashion school in Florence).  Florence is full of amazing wooden doors.  I'm sure someone has already made a doors of Florence book.  Poli Moda is where we'll be having class every Monday.

 Visited this Church on Monday.  This is where Botticelli is buried.  The name of it is Ognissanti I believe.  I have more pictures of the interior, which is really beautiful.  I'll post those soon.

 Exterior of the Medici Chapel.  The interior is one of the most lavish I've ever seen in my life with tons of marble and inlaid precious stones, and Michelangelo sculptures.  Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside.

A panoramic view of the Baptistry of St. John and the Duomo behind it. 

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  1. Very nice photos!!! I love the one you did as a panorama!